In the heart of Moscow the doors to small Italy have opened– the restaurant IL PIZZAIOLO. Here classical dishes of Italian cuisine cook that are simple, understandable and uniquely delicious. The menu is full of authentic snacks, a decent choice of pizza and pasta, author’s desserts and, of course, a rich wine list. Prices are affordable, and the atmosphere is filled with pure Italian energy.


Our team has worked on the project, for a long time and is irrevocably in love with sunny Italy in all its manifestations. For the menu of IL PIZZAIOLO the true fun and adept of the Italian cuisine – the chef Andrey Lapshinov is responsible, devoted to studying the secrets of the most popular dishes of the Apennine peninsula for many years. Thanks to his original recipes and a special approach to cooking we have created traditional dishes with a special charm and Italian character.


The restaurant is located on the first floor of a historic mansion with a centuries-old history, on Nikolskaya Street and just a couple of minutes from Red Square. In the interior everything is extremely simple and nevertheless comfortable: high ceilings, plenty of natural light and mirrors, small tables and soft chairs. Italian simplicity and reasonable refinement make the restaurant comfortable for every guest. Whatever the purpose of your visit- a business meeting, a romantic date or a pleasant stay with friends – IL PIZZAIOLO will be a perfect meeting place.

IL PIZZAIOLO м. Площадь Революции
Москва, ул. Никольская 11-13 стр. 1

+7 (495) 606-74-09

вс-чт 10.00-23.00; пт-сб 10.00-24.00

IL PIZZAIOLO м. Боровицкая
Москва, ул. Волхонка, д. 6

+7 (495) 697-25-15

вс-чт 10.00-23.00; пт-сб 10.00-24.00

IL PIZZAIOLO м. Арбатская
Москва, ул. Арбат, д. 31

+7 (499) 241-01-27

вс-чт 10.00-23.00; пт-сб 10.00-24.00